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Clipdiary is a clipboard manager and retriever for Windows
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Clipdiary is a clipboard manager and retriever for Windows. The application starts monitoring the clipboard the second you install it and saves all the text that you copy from that moment. At any time, you can paste the last clip loaded on the clipboard by simply hitting Ctrl + V, but Clipdiary allows you to browse through everything you have copied and paste any item anywhere. The program is called via a hot key (by default, it is Ctrl + D). This will bring up the list of copied clips of text and allow you to browse through them. There are also some other hot keys to copy a previous clip to the clipboard. Clipdiary also works with other kinds of files, like images, and sound files. When you copy text to the clipboard, you will lose its formatting. That is a good thing sometimes but it would be nice to be able to choose if you want to keep it. Clipdiary fixes this by adding an option and a hot key for copying and pasting only plain text or regular text. At the bottom of the application, there is a search button, which comes in really handy when you have a lot of entries and you need to get to one really fast. Version 2.4 adds several new features. The most important one in my opinion is the ability to search through your Clipdiary contents. There have also been added hot keys for different types of copy/paste operations. And, you can now use this application on a thumb drive (as a portable app), which requires no previous installation.

José Fernández
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  • It allows for easy pasting of your history of clips.
  • It has a search functions.
  • It works great.
  • It is also a portable app


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