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Save and access all the data copied to Windows clipboard
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Useful as the clipboard concept is, this Windows utility hasn’t evolved much over the years despite its clear potential. Clipdiary has taken this volatile tool and turned it into a powerful utility where you can store, edit, reuse, and organize everything you copy to your clipboard. All the information is safely stored and easily retrieved thanks to its built-in search engine. Besides, you can save your own snippets for later use.

The program opens at the startup to make sure that everything you copy to your clipboard is also added to its internal database. The program history will save any text, image (screenshots included), URL, or any other clip you can copy and paste using Windows. Clips will remain there for as long as you wish, regardless of the time elapsed and of how many times you’ve shut down your PC since you first save them.

The information is encrypted for your security, and you can move the clips up and down on the list for your convenience. If you hover the mouse over any of the items, you’ll see not only their content but also where they come from and when you saved them. Text-based clips will display the first few words of its content directly on the list, while images are a bit harder to locate as the lack of thumbnails require you to move your mouse over them to see a preview. However, you can always edit their description if you think you’re going to go back to them frequently. The content of the text-based clips can be edited to adapt their content to your needs.

Clipdiary also offers a made-to-measure database where you can create and organize your own snippets. Think of it as a place to store all those pieces of text and all those images that you use often, such as e-mail addresses, signatures, phone numbers, thank-you messages, etc. All of these can be categorized and nicely organized using a convenient tree structure.

Though officially categorized as a shareware tool, there are many instances in which you can make use of Clipdiary for free – including not only personal use on a private computer but also on a business environment up to a certain monthly income – so there is really no excuse to become a user of this excellent utility instead of the squalid and underdeveloped Windows clipboard.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Search for text and other items on your clipboard
  • View information aobut your clips
  • Save your clips in between sessions
  • Edit your clips
  • Create new snippets


  • Lists images without thumbnails, making it difficult to pick the right one at a glance
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