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Records all data that goes into the Windows clipboard
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Clipdiary saves everything you copy to the clipboard and makes it retrievable at any time. After installing the application, there is a wizard to help you configure it. This way you can tell the program which hotkey combination you intend to use to access the list of copied items. Moreover, the wizard serves as a brief tutorial to help you take the first steps.

The program is actually very simple to use. It starts automatically with the system and remains running from the tray. From there, it saves all clipboard operations that involve text, graphics, files and even complete folders. Then, these clips populate a list accessible through the selected key combination. Besides standard operations, the application allows simple-text copying and pasting, which in the case of files and folders means working with their disk location only.

The application stores all the items in a database. Fortunately, you can switch between various databases or even import an existing one. Likewise, you can set a maximum number of clips to store or have the database emptied when closing a session. Moreover, to prevent overgrowth of the file, you can clean it up selectively or otherwise erase everything in it. If you are worried about your privacy, you will probably feel relieved that the program uses AES-256 encryption and protects the database with a password. Not only that, there is also the possibility of storing everything on RAM, which means that it leaves absolutely no traces when your computer is shut down. However, this option may slow your computer down.

As an additional feature, Clipdiary has snippets. These are a collection of quick texts that you can paste at any time to save unnecessary typing. They can be conveniently arranged in folders in a tree-like fashion.

All in all, Clipdiary is an extremely handy application. It is also quite light and effective. My only objection to using this tool is that you need more steps than with standard clipboard operations. The program is free to try for 29 days.

Pedro Castro
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  • Copies practically any kind of item
  • Strong database encryption
  • Simple-text copying and pasting
  • Automatic database emptying
  • Selective database cleanup


  • Using the RAM memory to store clips may slow down your computer
  • More steps than with standard clipboard operations
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