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Clipboard manager that keeps a history of every clipboard item
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ClipDiary is a handy and effective cliboard manager that helps you increase your productivity and your daily workflow by surpassing the limitations of Windows' default clipboard utility which allows only one single item, the last one, to be stored and copied at a time. ClipDiary saves a history with all the items that you copy to the Windows clipboard, letting you re-use any of them at any time you like. It will capture and store any kind of copied clipboard item, may it be text snippets, links, images, files, and so on.

I also like a lot about ClipDiary the fact that it helps you organize the clipboard items by putting them in different folders (using labels) or by marking some of them as “important”. This will come a lot in handy as the lists with the clipboard items tend to get really comprehensive quite quickly.

ClipDiary will preserve the clipboard history even if the computer is restarted. AES-256 database encryption is also supported. Last but not least, its interface is really easy to use and intuitive, featuring handy functions like an advanced search tool or a cleanup wizard.

The only thing that disappoints me about this application is its rather limited hotkey customization capabilities. Though present, the hotkeys don't offer enough flexibility in my opinion. I wish I could assign specific hotkeys for individual clipboard items, so that I could quickly paste those exact clipboard items using only a specific hotkey press, in any application I needed, without having to call the ClipDiary interface every time I wanted to do that. Anyway, it's not a big deal, ClipDiary is still a great tool nevertheless, and it will prove extremely useful in a lot of situations.

Margie Smeer
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  • Works with any kind of clipboard item: text, links, images, files, and so on
  • Saves the clipboard history between computer restarts
  • Database encryption supported
  • Offers handy search functions


  • Limited hotkey customization and assigning possibilities
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